Mönchengladbach on the Move

Mönchengladbach is growing. Exciting projects to change the face of the city are underway everywhere: diverse, vibrant, full of life. The focus is on the business location – new jobs and innovative industries – plus a better standard of living for everyone – social stability, climate protection and educational opportunities. There is a strategy behind the city’s growth – an urban development strategy called mg+ Wachsende Stadt.

The results are impressive: employment has risen by just short of 20 percent in the past years; and the city’s population is growing steadily, too. Mönchengladbach is on the move. All stakeholders are working together hand in hand. Maria Hilf terraces and Seestadt mg+ – the inner-city stimulus projects – are taking shape, and new living space for all ages and income brackets is being built all over the city. Life is good in Mönchengladbach – for home owners and tenants, for those who enjoy quiet suburbia or love the buzz of the vibrant inner city, for space-seeking families or the older generation.

Diverse, vibrant, full of life: that is Mönchengladbach.


Employment figures