EWMG has rented retail space on Hindenburgstraße 20 to Can Demirezen, the young designer of the MIDNIGHT streetwear label.

On the back of the successful first temporary store on Waldhausener Straße in Mönchengladbach’s old city, MIDNIGHT is now launching its first store on Hindenburgstraße. Founder and designer Can Demirezen is creating more than just a normal “shop”: his vision is a space where people can experience the brand.

How does that work? MIDNIGHT offers a hands-on experience where people join up with the designer to “invent” their own unique shirts. Apart from clothing, there is also an exhibition of Can Demirezen’s artwork along with weekly events that explore the brand’s roots – art, night culture and diversity.

The MIDNIGHT Experience Space gives a generation somewhere to express its interests and creativity, even if they do not have the necessary financial means. A store where it is not so much selling stuff that counts as giving back to the kids of the city.