The city council has awarded the contract for the new residential area between Stationsweg and Grottenweg to WoBau Swiss GmbH and Mönchengladbach-based architects Bolzen + Mehring.

In 2018, EWMG issued a call for tender for the site pursuant to Development Plan 778/N on behalf of the city of Münchengladbach and the parish of St. Maria Empfängnis. Investors were invited to tender for the development of multi-generational residential space on a gross area of some 8,000 square meters in the Mönchengladbach-Venn district. A total of 23 new residential units on Grottenweg will provide high-quality living and amenity value thanks to generous landscaping in the quarter.

The winning team convinced both the jury of experts from politics, administration and EWMG, and the city councillors with the best bid in terms of economics, urban planning concept and architectural design. WoBau Swiss and Bolzen + Mehring came out top of the seven applicants. In line with the specifications, the plans feature detached and semi-detached homes as well as spacious apartments in three apartment blocks. The houses in the quarter are grouped around a central square as the ideal meeting place. In addition, gardens and offset balconies provide individual private space. The architects work with natural materials such as wooden elements and green roofs.

“It is good to find a partner like WoBau Swiss GmbH who will develop this area in line with our quality vision. The planning process showed that residents in Venn take a lively interest in the development of their district. That makes me all the more delighted that we can now watch this quarter we planned together taking shape”, Dr. Gregor Bonin, City Director and Technical City Councillor for the City of Mönchengladbach, said, summing up the development process. “This is a further building block in creating urgently needed housing”, Dr. Ulrich Schückhaus, Chairman of the Board of EWMG, commented. “We need residential space in all districts of the city because demand remains as high as ever.”

Venn is the ideal location for families as well as professionals and pensioners. The countryside is not far away, nor is the motorway. A kindergarten and a primary school are located in the immediate neighbourhood. In addition, daily errands can easily be done on foot because the nearby area surrounding the St. Maria Empfängnischurch is developing more and more into a local centre. The area already has a playing field and playground. A section of this playground will remain intact, but the city will be building a new, larger playground at a central location for the entire Venn district.

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